Sailing near Amorgos island, Greece

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The oblong shape of the mountainous and barren island of Amorgos lies on the eastern edge of the Cyclades, almost in the Dodecanese. In some places, the coastline is steep and rocky, while elsewhere it forms quiet, shady bays. The ruins to be found all over the island and the important archaeological finds discovered there (some of which are in the National Archaeological Museum, Athens) are testimony to the fact that Amorgos was inhabited in prehistoric times and was a place of great importance during the period of the Cycladic civilisation. In antiquity, there were three flourishing and independent cities on Amorgos: Minoa, Arkessini and Aegiali. At Katapola, the main harbour of the island today and the location of the interesting church of Our Lady Katapoliani (built on the site of a temple of Apollo), traces of ancient Minoa have come to light.

Swimmers will be delighted by the superb beaches to be found in the vicinity. The capital of the island, Hora or Amorgos, a typical cycladic settlement, is built around and beneath the Venetian castle, which stands on the peak of the hill. The typical Cycladic architectural style of the double or twin church is much in evidence here. The Archaeological Museum, which is housed in the Venetian Tower of Gavra (16th century), has finds from all over the island and is well worth a visit. To the north-east of Hora, at the foot of a steep rock, is the impressive Byzantine monastery of Our Lady ‘‘Hozoviotissa’’, one of the most important monuments of its kind. It was founded in 1088 by the Byzantine emperor Alexis Komninos, it is 180 m. high and houses rare religious heirlooms.

The second port of Amorgos, Aegiali, is a pretty village famed for its superb sandy beaches and consisting of four distinct quarters (Tholaria, Potamos, Ormos and Langada). If you like walking, two hours north of Langada, following an impressive route, you will reach the highest spot of the island (Krikellos mountain), offering a fascinating view of the island. In the south of the island, Arkessini stands near the site of the ancient city of the same name, amid a group of picturesque whitewashed hamlets.

You will be amazed with fine beaches and particular beauty of the island.


Useful telephone numbers:

Police: 22850 71.210

Community Office: 22850 71.246, 74.035

Port Authority (Katapola): 22850 71.259

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