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Patmos Island, Greece

Welcome the opportunity and visit the “island of the Apocalypse” . Patmos is the island where John the Theologian wrote the ‘’Book of Revelations’’.

He wrote it in one of the islands’ cave. If you visit the island don’t’ miss the opportunity to visit this cove and also the Monastery of Saint Ioannis.

In this island which is also called as ‘’ Jerusalem of the Aegean’’ you will get impressed by the Medieval settlement of ‘’Hora’’ and the stone built houses.

“The Jerusalem of the Aegean” is one way of describing Patmos or Patnos, as it was referred to in one 5th century inscription. It was here that St. John the Theologian was exiled between 95 and 97 A.D. and was inspired to write the Book of Revelation or Apocalypse.Later the emperor Alexios Komninos ordered the monk Christodoulos Letrinos to found a monastery in honour of the Apostle. Thus the holy monastery of Patmos was built, the most important landmark on the island. In September 1995 it was celebrated the anniversary of the 1900 years from the date that the Book of Revelation was written. Patmos, situated between Leros and Ikaria, is a mountainous island with rocky soil and an abundance of small coves. The majestic fortress - monastery crowns the hill above the port, surrounded by dazzling white, cubelike houses which spill down its flanks. Interspersed among them are minuscule churches and grand sea captains mansions, separated from each other by narrow lanes, high walls and small squares opening onto breathcatching views over the Aegean. The construction of the monastery began in the 11th century. It is circumscribed by massive grey stone walls with battlements that protected the main church and another five chapels. Its extraordinary treasury contains Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons, sacred vessels, 9th century embroideries and other pricelless objects, while its library houses parchment documents, patriarchal seals, enlightened manuscripts and rare old books. In the chapel dedicated to Our Lady frescoes can be seen which date back to 1210-1220.

Ships arriving at Patmos dock in the island's harbour, Skala, a lively place with its white houses, flowered courtyards, fish tavernas, hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops. North of Skala is the village of Kambos, set among trees and greenery, and near it is what many consider to be the island’s finest beach. Patmos's indented coastline conceals a host of lovely beaches. Among the favourites are Grigos, Kallikatsou, Psili Ammos and Diakofti.



Port Authority: 22470 31.231

Fax: 22470 34.131

Police: 22.470 31.303

Municipality: 22470 31.235

Taxi: 22470 31.225

First Aid: 22470 31.211




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