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If you are up for your summer vacation or simply going to honeymoon with your loved one, Thessaloníki is the excellent place to start. It is the second largest city of Greece which is famous not only because it is a metropolitan area but also because it is very antique and preserves ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine architectures, as well as many other precious monuments.

If you are visiting this beautiful city for your vacation visit the Archaeological museum, Byzantine museum, church of Agios Demetrios and the Hagia Sofia, ancient Roman Forum archaeological site, Rotonda just to mention few cultural sites of interest.

Thessaloníki is often called as the "cultural capital" of Greece as it is rich in cultural heritage and tradition. It is famous for its theaters with most important to be the National theater of North Greece. Greece is famous because of its arenas and theaters for many areas, and it is therefore that its people have a vast contribution in the history of the world. Thessaloniki is also known for its night life and being on the crossroads of different cultures it is also very famous for it's cuisine and culinary tradition.

Don't miss the following:

  • - White Tower – the city trademark
  • - Go for walk along the coastline, city's waterfront – one of the longest in Europe
  • - Visit Ladadika district – at any time of the day– restaurant, cafee bar, night bar … You will be amazed
  • - Kastra – old Eptapyrgio Castle – stunning fortress overlooking the city
  • - Shopping – known for its traditional shops but also modern shopping malls
  • - Try the traditional Greeks and Thessaloniki's specialties like bougatsa, trigono, gyros, souvlaki, mousaka, Greek salad and many more ...

Thessaloniki Sailing and Yacht Rentals in Thessaloniki

One thing that Thessaloniki is famous for, is its sailing opportunities that it offers to its visitors. You can always get boat rentals in Thessaloniki and visit the places that you like, and at the same time enjoy the scenic beauty from the chartered yacht.

You can always take a yacht trip and enjoy your day. There are a number of yacht that you can rent, depending on your need and choice. These include catamarans, motor sailors, motor yachts, sailing yachts - monohulls, etc.

The second thing that you want to determine when you are planning to take a sailing Thessaloniki trip is the destination that you want your rental boat to take you to. The most amazing thing that one should consider when visiting Greece and taking a sailing Thessaloniki trip is that you can take a rental boat and go for sailing throughout the year because Greece offers a beautiful climate throughout the year which is optimum for sailing. You can not only hire a yacht charter and go with the yacht charter captain, but you can also rent a yacht (if you posses the sailing license) and enjoy those unique sailing moments that you have always wished for!

The Aegean Sea is one of the most beautiful places that you can visit if you are taking a sailing trip. Don't miss Sporades which are very famous for their fresh breezes, and the evergreen plants. You can also take a yacht charter to the Chalkidiki which is a famous tourist site and gets tourists from all over the world, crystal clear waters and sandy beaches are the area trademark. There are other places like Platamonas, right bellow famous the Olympus Mountains which you can visit on a sailing boat, a motor yacht.

So, choose your yacht and enjoy the journey!

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