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Exploring the Ionian Archipelago: A Yachtsman's Paradise

The archipelago of eleven islands, large and small, strung out along the west coast of mainland Greece and totaling 2,200 sq. km. in area, is known as the Ionian Islands. These emerald gems set like precious jewels in the vast blue Ionian Sea, form a haven for those in search of a perfect Ionian yacht charter.

Sailing Through History

The Ionian Islands, or ‘Heptanese’, have a rich history that stretches back to the times of Homer. Ithaka, known as the home of King Odysseus, and Corfu, identified with the Homeric island of the Phaeacians, are just two of these storied lands. The islands' history is a rich tapestry of colonization, war, occupation, and finally, union with Greece in 1864.

Island Hopping with an Ionian Boat Rental

The six major islands, Zakynthos, Ithaka, Corfu, Kephalonia, Lefkada, and Paxoi, along with their smaller companions, including Antipaxoi and Meganisi, make perfect destinations for an Ionian boat rental adventure. Rent a boat from Lefkada and set sail to explore these enchanting isles at your leisure.

Luxury and Comfort with a Yacht Charter in Ionio

For travelers seeking comfort and luxury, opting for a yacht charter in Ionio is a brilliant choice. Select from an array of luxury yachts and catamarans available for rental in the Ionian Sea, and embark on a voyage filled with pristine beaches, inviting bays, and crystal-clear waters.

The Natural Splendor of the Ionian Islands

Beyond their cultural and historical appeal, the Ionian Islands are a treasure trove of natural beauty. Boasting a wonderful natural environment, abundant water, fascinating towns and villages, mild climate, superb beaches, and archaeological sites, the Ionian Islands are a dream for any sailor.

Set Sail from Lefkada: Your Gateway to the Ionian Sea

Lefkada, with its convenient location and extensive boat rental options, serves as an ideal starting point for your exploration of the Ionian Sea. From here, set out on a journey that promises not only relaxation and scenic beauty but also a deep dive into the cultural richness of the Ionian Islands.

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