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Greece is one of the magical destinations in the world to spend your vacation and although some of the islands can be easily accessed by plane or cruise ship, a vast majority can be remarkably visited by yacht. Greece is home to untouched gem that’s worth discovering but by sailing yacht. If you would like to cruise on the sparkling waters of this beautiful island country but don’t know how to sail, book a crewed yacht charters in Greece and enjoy the comfort and luxury alongside family and friends in style.
Why go for crewed yacht charter
A crewed sailing yacht is fully staffed with the captain and crew, who will provide the adequate care and attention you need, allowing you enjoy the most remarkable cruise ever. When you book a crewed yacht charter in Greece, you don’t have to worry about handling the yacht. The experienced captain will guarantee safety for everyone aboard the yacht. Enjoy breathtaking sceneries, visit the best shopping ports and go diving and swimming. You have everything you need including drinks, food and much more. Price range of a crewed yacht charter in Greece depends on a variety of factors including boat size, charter duration and number of passengers. Before you book a sailing yacht vacation, you should consider having travel insurance which is very important especially when planning a trip. Despite the safety measures of the captain and the crew members on board, accidents can happen at any time.
Things to bring
Travel documents: passports or visa, credit cards
Soft duffels
Bathing suits
Fins, mask and snorkel
Cover ups
Lightweight sweater
What to expect
Imagine the holiday of your lifetime! Scuba diving and swimming in pristine waters, exploring different islands, whale and dolphin watching and lazing up in the sun – all these make a crewed sailing yacht a perfect choice when planning your next vacation in Greece. After mooring in the evening, you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with locals, explore the lovely villages and enjoy great tasting traditional cuisines at one of the seaside tavernas.
Home to over 10,000 magnificent islands worth exploring, Greece is one of the most stunning destinations in the Mediterranean to enjoy cruising. There are lots of islands groups where you can experience the best moments of your life including the Saronic, the Ionian and the Cyclades. One of the reasons why millions of cruise travelers from different parts of the world visit Greece is because of its warm hospitality, friendly locals and pleasant climate. Book a crewed yacht charter in Greece and enjoy the breathtaking scenery you probably haven’t seen in your lifetime.

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