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Why Sailing Yacht Charter ?
You like to jump into the sea, as soon as you wake up ? And later to take your breakfast or morning coffee on the deck of sailboat ?
Yes, while aboard, you have the convenience of your home, but, at same time you are on the beach, you can touch the sea. Take a look around you. Are you looking at that wonderful place with golden sand beach surrounded by crystal clear waters on the horizon ? Go there. It's caled freedom. You could reach places not reachable otherwise.

Imagine... Sailboat is sailing and you are lying on the deck, watching the blue sky and rare clouds forming a picture that is following you, and listening the waves. Or, maybe you like night swimming, while moonlight is reflecting itself on the sea surface as your main light. Assisted by sea sway, the Hypnos (God of sleep in Greek mythology), will help you to take a rest, after a day full of action. This experience is unrepeatable.
Sailing is not just travelling to your destination. Sailing is enjoyment in journey itself. Sailing is not reserved only for few. Sailing is available to everyone and affordable for anyone's pocket ! And yes, you can reach in a week several Greek islands or other coastal places, because fortunately, there are so many destinations in Greece and distances between them are often small.
Sailing with sailing yacht is α real pleasure, away from industrial civilization and protected from the noise of engines, you are moving with the power of winds and, of course, helped by Poseidon and his son Aeolus (in Greek mythology, gods of sea and winds).
Listen to the waves' whispers, enjoy the fresh aroma of sea. If you are with good company, trust us, you will never forget that barbecue, in your 'private bay'. You will always keep remembering walking through narrow streets of an island or the night out in a well-known night club, where you decided to anchor the yacht that night.
Live your sailing experience, now !
Why Sailing in Greece ?
There are many reasons to sail, especially in Greece. Greece is located at the South-East of Europe, engulfed by three seas: Ionian, Aegean and Mediterranean. Greece's coastline is approximately 16,000 km long. There are countless bays and coves, endless beaches and around 6000 islands and islets, and some are waiting for you. In addition to sailing, you can choose to swim, dive or ski in its crystal clear waters. By sea purity, Greece is among top countries in the world, with more than 400 beaches and nine marinas awarded with famous European "Blue Flag", carefully chosen and following strict environmental and other criteria.
Best known islands are in the Ionian as well in Aegean Sea, where the most number of islands are located. Aegean Sea is the area between Greece and Asia Minor. Somewhere out there in the middle, there is a small island of Dilos, birth place of Apollo, as the myth says, the God of light and sun. Therefore, where could possibly exist a place with more sun and light, but in the region of Aegean Sea ? Besides the light and sun, there are other advantages of being a sailor on the Greek seas. Nowadays, it is generally considered that the Ancient Greek culture provided foundation to modern western civilization. In the depths of eons, some 4-5 millenniums ago, Hellenic, Mycenaean, Minoan and Cycladic civilizations were early but rich in achievements periods.The idea and meaning of Democracy is established here, in the times of Pericles' "Golden Century". The spirit of Olympic Games, born here, has lived until today. You can walk in places and visit islands where philosophers like Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras, Archimedes, Hypocrite and many others lived. What could be said about rich Greek mythology and the Olympian gods. Do you know that the word Europe originates from the Greek mythology ? The spirit of ancient Greece is felt on every corner, you can touch it with your hand by visiting archaeological monuments old thousands of years.
You can sail to the Odysseus' Ithaca or to the Pythagoras' island of Samos or Kos where Hippocrates was born. Greece is also rich in monuments from the Roman and Byzantine times. Old churches and frescoes also speaks about rich cultural heritage.
Sunlight most part of the year, the favorable climate, mild winds in Ionian Sea, Halkidiki, moderate winds in the northern Aegean, Sporades islands and moderate,strong winds in Cyclades and Dodecanese islands are perfect conditions for sailing, which allows you to find destination you have always dreamed of. Perfect conditions for sailing, enjoying the diving and exploring the underwater world, small distances between bays and everywhere coves, bays and places, reachable only by the sea, rich and diversified nightlife make Greece the most attractive destination for sailing.
Beaches with variations of white sand, gravel and characteristically dark sand of volcanic origins will satisfy the most discerning tastes. Countless authentic places with taverns and restaurants with famous Mediterranean cousin will make your holiday unforgettable. Each island is beautiful in its own way, each island with its own story. We will try to provide you with all necessary information and your task is to discover all the beauties that nobody can describe. They must be experienced.
Sun, crystal-clear sea and Greek music are waiting for you. And it is possible that you, right here, while on sailing, will live sailing experience you have always dreamed about.
You can sail for one, two or more weeks in the Ionian and Aegean Sea, the choice is yours.
Start here with research.
A large selection of yachts, gives you the possibility to choose one that best fits your needs and requirements. 
Read more about Yacht Charter Types or Bareboat Yacht Charters in Greece.
If you have some doubts, please just contact us and we will suggest one to you.
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