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Boat Rental in Greece

I’m guessing that you’re finding yourself in one of two positions. You either already have your eye on a vacation in Greece (whether you’re from here or just visiting) or you have absolutely no idea what to do this year for your vacation. Regardless of which position you’re in, I’m guessing that rest and relaxation are at the top of your priority list. (And if they’re not, they should be!)
Consider this: a beautiful view of the water, a gentle peace and quiet that is only occasionally broken by the sound of small waves or the call of a native bird, no to do list, no rush, and no crowds.
Sound majestic? This perfect vacation is closer than you think. All you have to do is rent a boat in Greece and all of this can be yours. It’s as simple as deciding where you want to go, who you want to take with you, and whether or not you want to captain your own yacht or employ a crew to manage the boat for you.
If you’ve never considered a boat rental in Greece, now is the perfect time. Thanks to the gorgeous climate, sailing is an option year round which makes it the perfect vacation destination!
It’s for this reason that we at BoatGreece.com absolutely love what we do. From showing off our impressive selection of bareboats and crewed yachts to sharing stories that we’ve heard from our customers or remembering our own experiences, we love to talk about BoatGreece.com, and all of the great boat rental options Greece has to offer!
And the greatest part of all is that there is never a wrong time to consider hiring a boat in Greece. And with a number of destination options to choose from, there’s an option for everyone unique personality and preference!
So whether you’re looking to be the captain of your own ship and live life out on the open sea for a while without the sound of tourists and city life, or you’re looking to sit back, relax, and let someone steer you in the direction you want to travel in, it’s time for you to rent a boat in Greece and let the serenity and the beauty of this land astound you.
For more information, hop on over to our website. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

Adam G. – Poland

Yacht: Beneteau Sense 50 || July 2014, Base: Skiathos

Great boat, very good service, friendly and professional people arranging charter and arranging check in and checkout procedure, flexible, customer friendly. We had great sailing holiday and I will come back again to Greece and Nautilia Yachting.


Bernd H. – Germany

Yacht: Bavaria 32 || May 2014, Base: Porto Koufo

Dear Mr. Fatsis, thank you for the presents and the bottle of wine. We did enjoy our trip along the eastern coast of Sithonia ,Vourvouru, Ammuliani and along Athos. I think we have to see Chalkidiki again. Best Regards, Bernd


Dimtchev I. – Bulgaria

Yacht: Hanse 345 || June 2014, Base: Lefkada

The boat and the service was really excellent, the place and the island was not so impressive as it was in Athens or Volos..


Pistolas P. – Switzerland

Yacht: Bavaria 40 Cruiser || July 2013, Base: Skiathos

A great THANKS once more to Nautilia and all the people at the base Skiathos for the excellent service. Hope to see you soon..... P.P

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