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Kalymnos is the island of the sea harvesters.

Also, it is considered as one of the top rock climbing destinations internationally. If you are an action fan, you may visit the island in May and participate to the International Climbing Festival. Kalymnos is also famous for its local tastes. Mizithra cheese, delicious lobster tail and sea food, tangerines and thyme honey are only some of the local dishes you should try.

The terrain of this fourth largest island in the Dodecanese is mountainous, with the exception of two fertile valleys. Along these valleys are Kalimnos or Pothia and Vathi. Castles, remains of fortresses, archaeological finds and ancient churches testify to the continuing importance of Kalimnos in the history of the Aegean. Its natural attractions - caves, beautiful beaches, unspoiled landscapes - make it a small paradise on earth. Kalimnos is widely known as the island of sponges, as a large part of the population is employed in this old occupation. In the past, the capital of the island was located in Chorio, because it benefited from the protection offered by the castle of the Knights of St. John, right above it.

Today's capital is Pothia or Kalimnos, founded around 1850 by the inhabitants of Chorio. Its brightly colored houses surround the harbor, like seats in an amphitheater, arranged along the slopes, to the boats and fishing boats that are swinging from below. An old church dedicated to Christ the Savior is located in the dock. It is decorated with murals and precious icons, while its iconostasis is a work of the famous sculptor Giannoulis Halepas. Kalimnos also has other beautiful villages, such as Vathi, located in a fertile citrus-filled valley and Metochi, on the southeast side of the island. The quiet village of Emporio lies to the north. In the west side are Masouri, Mirties, Kamari and Panormos, where you can enjoy seafood, such as “fusca” and octopus meatballs. On the way to Panormos, you will notice the ruins of a three-nave basilica dedicated to Christ of Jerusalem, which was erected around the 6th century on the site of an ancient temple, where Delios Apollo was worshiped. North of the capital is Pera Castro, also called Castle di Chrisocheria, because inside the chapel there is an icon of the Virgin Mary, with her hands covered with gold leaves.

Northeast of Pothia, at the foot of Flaska Hill, is the cave of the Seven Brides (not open to the public). Kalimnos is proud of two other caves, the decorated cave of Skalia, about 100 meters from the village of Skalia in the north of the island (not open to the public) and Kefala or Kephala hole in the south (which you can visit and approach by boat ). In Therma, just one kilometer from Pothia, there are radioactive sources and bathing establishments, rooms where guests can sleep at night and trained staff to help them. Among the beautiful beaches are Masouri, Mirties and Arginontas along the west coast and Vlichadia in the south.


Port Authorities: 22430 24.444 - 29.304

Police: 22430 22.100 Fax: 29.301

Municipal: 22430 59.141 -59.143

First Aid: 22430 23.025 - 28.851

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