Greece at a glance

Useful Information
Capital city Athens
Official languageGreek
Currency EUR (€)
Time zone GTM +2
Calling code+30
Climate Mediterranean
Population 10,815,197 (2011 estimate)
Central Airport Athens International Airport
Main cities Thessaloniki, Patra, Larissa, Herakleion, Volos
Sun & Beaches
If you are wondering why visit Greece and not another Mediterranean country for sailing, the marvelous beaches and its sun light can be the strongest argument. Dare to discover this small corner of Europe that will offer you all the excitement and relaxation you need during holidays. Greece is the best place to lay under the hot sun, to swim in exotic beaches and see magical sunsets. The best way to get to know a country made of seas and islands is to journey in its waters. Rent a yacht and enjoy the freedom and the absolute blue of the sea. Visit the countless islands, scattered across the sea. Sail from island to island and swim in exotic and picturesque beaches, secluded or popular ones, cosmopolitan or wild with deep blue, green and turquoise water and fine sand like golden powder. Drop anchor at the beach of your preference and dive into the sea, alone with the sun…Listen to the waves' whispers; enjoy the fresh aroma of sea. Lie back in the golden sand and escape from reality…
If you are more active, you can choose to dive or ski in crystal clear waters or participate to water sports such as windsurfing, parasailing and paragliding.
No matter what your option will be, sailing holiday experience under the Greek sun can be a unique experience… Live unforgettable, magical moments in a country steeped in sea & sun!
History & Culture
Greece has a 5.000 years old story. The culture of Greece has evolved over thousands of years. It is difficult to find the boundaries between history and myth but it is certain that they will inspire you and guide you as you travel to the Greek islands. You can sail to the Odysseus' Ithaca or to the Pythagoras' island of Samos or Kos where Hippocrates was born. You can walk in places and visit islands where philosophers like Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras, Archimedes, Hypocrite and many others lived.
In the depths of eons, some 4-5 millenniums ago, Hellenic, Mycenaean, Minoan and Cycladic civilizations were early but rich in achievements periods.The idea and meaning of Democracy were born in Greece, in the times of Pericles' "Golden Century". The spirit of Olympic Games, born here, has lived until today. What could be said about rich Greek mythology and the Olympian gods. Do you know that the word Europe originates from the Greek mythology? The spirit of ancient Greece is felt on every corner, you can touch it with your hand by visiting archaeological monuments old thousands of years.
Greek cuisine
Greek cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine. It is very diverse and although there are many common characteristics amongst the culinary traditions of different regions within the country, there are also many differences. The food choices in Greece are inifinite. The ingredients unique; olive oil, vegetables and herbs, grains and bread, fruits, yogurt, wine, fish, various meats, including poultry, lamp, pork and rabbit. Not to mention the greek desserts that may vary from place to place.
During your sailing holidays in Greece, you will definitely find tastes that you will never forget! Taste the Cuisine of Ionian Islands, or travel in Cyclades and taste ‘’Kykladitiki’’ Cuisine(cuisine of the Aegean islands). Also, visit Chalkidiki and taste the Madeconian cuisine which has influences from Pontian and ‘’ Mikrasiatiki’’ cuisine (from the Greeks of Constantinople).
Every destination, different taste that will make come back for your next holidays!
Night Life
Greece is famous worldwide for its vivid nightlife and is considered to be important aspect of the local culture. Bars, night clubs, Greek restaurants and tavernas, beach parties, thematic parties and special events are only some of the options for fun. Greece has fun everywhere; Especially in Greek islands such as Myconos, Rhodes, Santorini, Korfu, Ios etc bars and night clubs stay open until sunrise and you can listen local and international music. The alcohol is abundant and the thirst for fun and party is endless!
After an exciting sailing day, dock at the harbor of the island you prefer and enjoy the Greek night life!

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