Booking Information

In order to facilitate the booking procedure for a bareboat or skippered charter please fullfil the steps below:
1Request a yacht
Please provide us with the following: your full name, dates (departure, returns) or period required, desired sailing area, number of crew (with skipper included in case of bareboat) or preferred type and size of the yacht and any other special request you might have. Please note that departures and / or returns of yachts are usually scheduled for Saturdays because the duration of charters are mostly 1, 2 or 3 weeks. Upon request, we can consider providing One-way charter.

Answer (Our proposal)
You will receive a customised answer within the next 24 hours. Please note that the proposal is based on the information you initially provided. So, do not hesitate to include in your request any information you consider important or to contact us again if you need more information/clarifications.
2Choose your yacht
When you feel that our proposal suits all your needs, please jump to the next step (4 - Booking).

Do You need some extra time to decide?

Optionally, you can ask us to keep the yacht for you for a while. This procedure is called 'Option'. During this procedure the yacht is reserved only for you. We can do this for the maximum period of 5 days. Option will automatically be canceled, if you do not confirm your charter within this period of time. If you ask for an option during high season, July, August or September, there is a possibility that the duration of the option will be less than 5 days.
3Book your Dream Vacation!
Please confirm booking by sending us e-mail or fax with the dates, number of crew, bases, boat, extras (if any) and other special requirements. We will then confirm the booking immediately to you and you will be provided with charter reference number (CRN). In your future correspondence, please always refer to the charter code. We will send you the contract by email and all necessary payment and charter information. If required, a hard copy can be also mailed to you.
The actual booking of the boat takes place when you send us the first payment for the charter, which is usually 50% or above of the total charter freight, and should be made within 5 optional days, mentioned above.
For the account of Nautilia
IBAN ACCOUNT: GR48 0140 7210 7210 0200 2004 485
ACCOUNT: 7210 0200 2004 485
For the account of Nautilia
IBAN ACCOUNT: GR46 0110 2400 0000 2404 0062 242
ACCOUNT: 240/400622-42
For the account of Nautilia
IBAN ACCOUNT: GR80 0172 2620 0052 6205 0153 226
ACCOUNT: 5262-050153-226

You will receive all documents via e-mail. Hard copies are mailed only upon request. Initially, we will provide you with Nautilia confirmation document and charter code number reference.

Additionally you will receive via e-mail the following:
  • Copies of the contract signed by Nautilia (Charter Party): One is for you to keep and the rest should be mailed back to us signed.
  • An empty crew list for you to complete and forward back to us A blank provisioning list to complete (if you wish so) and forward back to Nautilia Yachting.

In case of a bareboat, please do not forget that we need to receive for each charter, complete copies of the Skipper's and (if available) Co-Skipper's Certificate or Sailing resume.

After signing the Charter Party Contract (Terms and Conditions) and depositing the down payment mentioned above, the Booking procedure is considered finished.

For any inquiry please be free to contact us.

All our boats (as all legal charter boats in Greece) are fully insured, including :
Third party and passenger civil liability 300.000 Euro any one accident. Damage liability third party and passenger's yacht 150.000 Euro any one accident.
Sea pollution liability 90.000 Euro.
We calculate cancellation fees based on the period of time between the date of cancellation and the departure date as follows:
a) For cancellations announced 1 to 45 days prior to charter start date, 100% of the total charter price + 25% of any skipper/hostess arrangements is due.

b) For cancellations announced 46 to 90 days prior to charter start date, 50% of the total charter price is due.

c) For cancellations announced 91 days prior to charter start date, 30% of the total charter price is due.

The cancellation fee, less the administration fee (300 EUR), will be refunded, if the boat is rechartered for the same period under the same conditions)

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