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The Dual Charm of Kos: Ancient and Modern

This island distinct itself for the important archaeological findings and its modern and cosmopolitan facet. Kos is not only a historic jewel of the Aegean, but also a vibrant, contemporary destination, perfect for travelers seeking a blend of the past and the present.

Walking with Hippocrates: The Roots of Medicine

Kos is the island where you can sit under the tree where Hippocrates himself, The Father of Medicine, used to teach his students and examine his patients. This historic location brings medical history to life and connects you with one of the most significant figures of ancient Greece.

Journey Through Time: Kos’ Rich Archaeological Sites

Visit the 4th-century Asclepiion, a sanctuary dedicated to Asclepius, the god of medicine. The Asclepiion is a testament to Kos’ historical significance and a must-visit site for those interested in the roots of Western medicine. Don’t miss the medieval castle of Nerantzia, a fortress that stands as a proud reminder of Kos’ past, and the ancient city of Kos, which offers a vivid glimpse into the island’s rich history.

Sun, Sand, and Serenity: Kos’ Breathtaking Beaches

If you are not very fond of historical monuments, then visit the sandy and long beaches with clear blue and turquoise waters. Whether you are looking to relax, swim, or engage in water sports, Kos’ beaches are a true paradise.

Navigating in Luxury: Yacht Charter in Kos

Consider a yacht charter in Kos to explore the island's stunning coastline from a unique perspective. Rent a boat or yacht and set sail to hidden coves, untouched beaches, and neighboring islands. With a yacht charter in Kos, the Aegean becomes your playground.

An Urban Oasis: The Vibrant City of Kos

Discover the beautiful city of Kos with its extensive bicycle routes network, the avenue with the Palm Trees, and walk around the famous squares. The city invites you to immerse yourself in its lively atmosphere, where modern amenities meet natural beauty.

Adventure on the Waves: Boat and Yacht Rentals in Kos

If you have a passion for sailing, consider renting a boat or yacht to explore Kos and its surrounding islands at your own pace. With various options for boat and yacht rentals in Kos, you can customize your journey to suit your interests, whether that’s fishing, diving, or simply sunbathing on deck.

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