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Salamina (Salamis) Island, Greece

During history, the island, due to its strategic position, near Athens, was the bone of contention, between the Athenians and Megarians. The most important event of his past was the naval battle between the Greek and Persian fleets, during the Persian Wars (480 BC), which ended with the defeat of the Persians. Salamis is also the birthplace of the tragic poet Euripides. The capital of the island is Salamis or Kouloura.
Archaeological Museum of Salamis, posses decent collection of the finds from the island and the Ethnological (Folk) Museum exhibits local costumes, tools, furniture, etc..
At about 6 km northwest of the town, lies the monastery of Faneromeni, rich with frescoes, a collection of church relics, laboratories hagiography and weaving, as well as a guest. The most ancient city of the island is Ambelakia, 4 km south-east of the capital, where the naval battle of Salamis took place. Selina is located 8 km south-east of the town, while a 6 km south-west of the capital lies the coastal village of Moulki or Aianteion in an area full of pine trees. Significant findings were found in the Cave of Euripides, in Peristeri, where, according to tradition, was the haunt of the poet himself.

Useful phone numbers

Harbor of Piraeus: tel. 1440
Harbor of Paloukia: tel. 210 4677,277
Harbor in Perama: Tel. 210 4410,441
Town Police : 210 4651.100 - 4651.138
Municipality: 210 4646,000 - 4646,100
First Aid: 210 4651,888
Archaeological Museum of Salamina: tel. 210-4640.759
Ethnological (Folk) Museum: tel. 210-4654.180
Monastery of Faneromeni Information: tel. 210-4681.861

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