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Your search for top quality bareboat charters and sailing vacations in Greece is over.
You will not be given a captain because you are the captain. Through the experience of bareboat sailing, you get to do the necessary sailing, anchoring, picking up moorings, etc. yourself. Bareboat sailing in Greece may very well be the earth's most opportune adventure for those wanting an aquatic experience that's multisensory and an independent do-it-yourself delight. We're talking coves of isolated beauty and tranquillity, ancient ruins, islands with nary a soul. It is unimaginable for you what you'll discover and participate in when you book a bareboat charter in Greece.
Easily Charter a Bareboat Yacht
Choose a bareboat rent in Greece, if you would like to live sailing experience as a captain. Any yacht company worth their salt will need you to prove that you're qualified to safely navigate and manage the boat. Your sailing licence and/or certificate from a recognized entity is needed to charter a bareboat yacht.
Sailing Lessons
If you don't have a certificate we could help you out with plenty of classes where you can learn or shore up deficits and earn it with ease.
Ideal Position of Greece
It's hard to overlook the dicey location of the nation-state of Greece, which is adjacent to Africa, Europe and Asia. One highlight for bareboat sailing in Greece is that it's also positioned between two seas, the much talked about Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea; which means open water passages. So, for an aquatic multi-sensory experience in independent do-it-yourself sailing, Greece is a most suitable destination.
Bareboat charters in Greece are a top-of-mind adventure for the holidays, regular days or special occasions.
You have a wide array of possible destinations, depending on your personal preferences. There are isles of tranquil beauty such as the North or South Ionians, Sporades, Saronic, Cyclades or Dodecanese where you can set sail and anchor. There's also the option to accumulate some miles by visiting more than one of these delightful islands.
Planning Bareboat Charters in Greece
Some people who do bareboat charters in Greece do it with their sights on enjoying a multi-week experience. Planning and scheduling in advance and getting your credentials in order will help you have lots of fun and get the most out of this experience.

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