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Sithonia: A Sailor’s Paradise

Embark on a remarkable journey as you charter a yacht in Sithonia. This central peninsula of Halkidiki is a treasure trove of captivating ports, sandy beaches, and lush wooded areas that offer an unmatched sailing experience.

Set Sail from Gerakini

Gerakini, celebrated for its inviting sandy beach and crystal-clear waters, serves as an ideal starting point for sailors. This serene resort area beckons those interested in a Sithonia boat rental to begin their maritime adventure.

Village-Hopping Along the Coast: Ormilia, Metamorfossi, and Nikiti

As you steer your chartered vessel along the coast, consider dropping anchor at the picturesque villages of Ormilia, Metamorfossi, and Nikiti. Each offers stunning views and quaint local life, framed by dense pine forests that reach down to the shoreline.

Agios Nikolaos: A Sanctuary in the Sea

On your yacht charter adventure through Sithonia, don't miss Agios Nikolaos, a peaceful and welcoming village nestled among vibrant green woods. It’s a perfect spot to anchor and enjoy a relaxing evening under the stars.

Pirgadikia: The Island Experience on the Mainland

As you navigate to Pirgadikia, your Sithonia yacht charter becomes more than a trip; it transforms into an immersive experience. This area provides an island atmosphere and offers panoramic views of the majestic Mount Athos.

Vourvourou and Ormos Panagias: The Gem of Sithonia

While exploring Sithonia by yacht, the pristine waters of Vourvourou and Ormos Panagias are essential stops. These locales are vibrant with enchanting coves and traditional fishing boats that enhance the charm of your journey.

Unearth History at Ancient Toroni

While the south side of Porto Koufo unveils the site of ancient Toroni. Here, among ruins of fortifications dating from ancient to Byzantine times and remnants of Early Christian basilicas, you can anchor and wander through history itself.

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