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Small Islands in The Eastern Cyclades Iraklia, Shinoussa, Koufonissia, Keros, Antikeros, Daskalio and Donoussa. These small and beautiful islands, few of which have any special amenities, are an ideal destination for those in search of solitude and peace. The rugged beauty of the barren landscape, the sea-lashed rocks, the little coves along the coastline, a chance to get away from the crowds and the culture of technology these are the charms that attract visitors to these virtually virgin islands. Archaeological excavations have shown that the islands were inhabited in prehistoric times. In Iraklia, where there is a cave (Ai Yannis) with superb stalactites, traces of the Cycladic civilization have been found. At the pretty harbour of Messaria on Shinoussa, there are ruins of medieval fortifications. Koufonissia has a fine sandy beach at Finikia (Pano Koufonissi), where the water is crystal-clear, and (on Kato Koufonissi) beaches with coarse sand. Here the remains of buildings from the Hellenistic and Roman periods have come to light. Keros has yielded the remains of settlements from the Early Cycladic period, together with archaeological 15 finds of the same date which are considered among the finest anywhere in the Cyclades. Donoussa, too, with its incomparable beaches, has traces of prehistoric habitation. A few rooms are available for rent in Iraklia, Pano Koufonissi and Shinoussa.

Useful telephone numbers:

Community Office Ano Koufonissi: 22850 71.379

Shinoussa: 22850 71.170

Iraklia : 22850 71.545

Police: 22850 71.375

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