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Bare, undulating hills interspersed with small, fertile valleys cover this picturesque island. The rocky coastline is deeply indented with a succession of coves and bays.

The curious rock formations resemble human figures which call to mind the myth of Danae, Perseus and Medusa, as if these prehistoric inhabitants of the island had been turned to stone.Perched on the top of a steep hill, Hora or Serifos, the main town of the island, with its little cubeshaped house and churches in the island style and its Venetian castle higher up, looks like a fairytale town. The fortress-like monastery of the Archangels (Moni Taxiarhon), near the village of Galani, which houses some fine wall-paintings and important books and manuscripts, is of special interest. The village of Panagia (which takes its name meaning Our Lady from the fine 10th century church which bears the same name) commands a panoramic view of the whole island. In the village of Koutalas (15 km. southwest of Hora) are the ruins of the Old Woman's castle, towers from the Hellenistic period as well as the iron-ore loading bridge (19th century). Similar bridges, as well as the neoclassical building of the mining company, still exist in the nearby village of Megalo Livadi. Close to Koutalas you will also find the famous Cave of the Cyclops.

The greatest attraction of Serifos is its magnificent beaches (Megalo Livadi, Koutalas, Agios Sostis, Psili Amos, Agios Ioanis, Sikamia). However, its peculiar charm, something in the unique atmosphere of the island, and the harmony of the Cycladic landscape are the things that attract an everincreasing number of visitors from Greece and abroad.


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Police: 22810 51.300

Serifos Port Authority: 22810 51.470

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