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Northern Sporades islands, Greece

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Northern Sporades is a group of islands in the Northwest Aegean situated north of Evia and east of Pilio. The area comprises islands Alonnisos, Skopelos and Skiathos - the area’s only inhabited islands—the Sporades are a perfect destination for those looking to charter a yacht and explore secluded maritime treasures.

Geologically intriguing, the majority of these islands boast limestone rock formations, except for Psathoura, which is of volcanic origin. Nearby Psathoura, a dormant volcano invites exploration—a truly unique opportunity for a Sporades boat rental excursion.

On Skopelos, valleys with steep slopes cradle gentle streams, providing picturesque anchorage spots for those embarking on a yacht charter in the Sporades. The islands are verdant with Aleppo pine forests and holly oak maquis, a lush setting that perfectly complements the blue of the surrounding Aegean.

With 94% of the area covered by water, opportunities for sailing and boat renting in the Sporades are plentiful. The National Marine Park, encompassing a vast range of marine biotopes, offers a vibrant, diverse backdrop for sailing adventures.

Beyond the natural wonders, the Northern Sporades are steeped in history. The remnants of various eras—from prehistoric to Byzantine—are scattered across the islands, making a yacht charter in the Sporades akin to a journey through time. This rich history is vividly present, from the shipwrecks resting in the depths to the ancient monasteries and churches that grace the islands.

The area’s caves and secluded beaches, nestled between rocky coasts, offer a serene habitat for the Mediterranean monk seal. Piperi Island, in particular, is a significant breeding site for these seals and stands as the core of the Northern Sporades Marine Park—an unparalleled highlight for any Sporades boat rent adventure.

An isolated population of wild goats can be found exclusively on Gioura, a unique and unexpected sight for those exploring the Sporades by yacht. For birdwatchers, the islands are a sanctuary of abundant birdlife, from migratory visitors to native species nesting in the cliffs.

The waters surrounding these islands are teeming with life; with 170 species of fish, 70 species of amphipods, and 40 species of sponges recorded in the area, marine biologists and snorkeling enthusiasts alike will find a Sporades boat rental to be the gateway to an underwater world of wonders.

The Sporades, with their blend of natural beauty, rich history, and diverse wildlife, are a dream destination for sailors and explorers. Whether by catamaran or monohull boat rental, these islands promise an Aegean adventure that is as enriching as it is unforgettable.

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